Monday, January 20, 2014

Download Lightroom 4 Presets by SLR Lounge 1.3

We’re excited to announce the Lightroom 4 Presets System v1.3 & Digital DVD by SLR Lounge, a collection of 216 Presets including 189 Develop Presets, 27 Brush Presets. We are confident that this is the best Lightroom 4 Preset System available. It is designed to not only be powerful enough to create any effect, but also intuitive enough to achieve them in just a few clicks saving you boat loads of time!
 Download Lightroom 4 Presets by SLR Lounge 1.3:

  • 1 Place CONTENTS Into LR4 Develop Presets Folder
  • 2 Place CONTENTS Into LR4 Local Adjustment Presets Folder
  • 3 Place CONTENTS Into LR4 Export Presets Folder

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Download Totally Rad lightroom presets all in one

Collection of the totally rad photo enhancement, if you google you can find recipies to create awesome images.
Download Totally Rad lightroom presets all in one:

  • Totally Rad! Basics
  • Totally Rad! Black & White
  • Totally Rad! Effects
  • Totally Rad! Vignettes & Toning
  • Totally Rad! Local Adjustments

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Download Christian Wolf Lightroom Presets

Best for BW pictures download Christian Wolf Lightroom Presets

Download for portrait photography: Skyline Media Lightroom Presets Bundle A

Download Skyline Media Presets (Only for Lightroom 4 or newer):

  • Skyline-01 Essentials Toolbox
  • Skyline-02 Classic Presets
  • Skyline-03 Film Fun Pack Presets
  • Skyline-04 Film X Process Presets

Download High contrast Trey's Lightroom Presets

Download Trey's Lightroom Presets:
  • Trey's Presets - Package 1
  • Trey's Presets - Package 2
  • Trey's Presets - Package 3
  • Trey's Presets - Special Bonus Package 4

Download LilBlu presets for Lightroom 3 or newer

Download 3in1 LilBlu presets: